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About 831 Water St.

The address says it all: 831. Far from a mere coincidence, 831 Water Street intentionally shares the Santa Cruz Peninsula's area code. This choice reflects what is best about the community, weaving a connection between the project's identity and the very fabric of the locale it calls home.

This new mixed-income development features a sleek modern design that will be a hallmark of the new, emerging Santa Cruz cityscape. It also reflects the best of Santa Cruz's character, in its dedication to sustainability, a sense of community, and compassion for those less fortunate than others.

831 Water Street also offers another important asset: housing for the people who work here, that "missing middle" of the population, like schoolteachers, shopkeepers, first responders, and more.

Our grounds will feature walking paths and greenery, we are next to a major bus line and waling distance from stores and shops. And we have ample parking for cars and bikes!

831 Water Street will become one of the standards of multi-family, mixed-income developments in the state, if not the country. 

We look to put shovel in the ground in mid-2024 and open by early 2026.

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Perhaps one of the most important aspects of 831 Water Street’s commitment to Santa Cruz is its dedication to sustainability, including:

Rooftop urban farming and rainwater recycling

Solar panels and other environmentally friendly amenities

Automated parking stackers

Ample bicycle parking

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Thoughts on
831 Water Street

Santa Cruz needs to support affordable housing projects like 831 Water Street if we care about maintaining the diversity and vibrancy of our community. Density is not only the most environmentally friendly way to build, but it allows for mixed income residents to share their lives together in a way that otherwise wouldn't be possible under the status quo. Building more housing in Santa Cruz is a matter of moral, economic, and sustainable resilience.

YIMBY Action enthusiastically supports the proposed project at 831 Water Street in Santa Cruz. This project would offer 151 units of housing, 77 of which are below-market-rate, helping to house Santa Cruz’s most vulnerable community members, as well as the city’s teachers, students, essential workers, and young professionals. This project will help address our staggering citywide housing shortage. In particular, it would add infill housing, helping to reduce the disastrous environmental effects of sprawl.

Robert Singleton
Former Executive Director
Santa Cruz County Business Council

Laura Foote 

YIMBY Action, Executive Director

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