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About SB 35

A Dive into Streamlining Affordable Housing

California Senate Bill 35 (“SB 35”) (Government Code Section 65913.4) was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on September 29, 2017 and became effective January 1, 2018. SB 35 applies to cities and counties that have not made sufficient progress toward meeting their affordable housing goals for above-moderate and lower income levels as mandated by the State. SB 35 requires cities and counties to streamline the review and approval of certain affordable housing projects by providing a ministerial process.

Currently, SB 35 is winding through the state legislature with wide support for an extension.

Some things we want to emphasize about 831 Water Street and SB 35. It does not require numerous community meetings. However, that's not the way Novin works. We believe in being good neighbors even before we move in. Not only has Novin Development held the requisite meetings, but Iman Novin himself has met with neighbors and residents opposed to the project, and he has made changes to the project in response to their concerns, including reducing the shadow, eliminating a rooftop bar in favor of a rooftop garden, added bike parking and a dedicated turn lane, helped improve bus stops for easy public transportation, and decreased density.

We are listening.

About SB35: About
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